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The elements of the website of SAHAM FINANCES (the "present web site"), which may contain text, images, audio and video extracts, software and other elements for information purposes. By accessing this site or downloading any element of the content, you must be bound by the conditions specified below. If you do not agree to the terms, you must not access the site or download any of the content. 


SAHAM FINANCES is not liable when the non-fulfillment of the online order results from a case of force majeure especially in case of interruption of the service related to the transfer and yes of transmission of information or to the telecom system of the donor of the command.

It is understood that SAHAM FINANCES assumes an obligation of means as regards the reception and the emission of information. It assumes no responsibility for the transport or receipt of information exchanged.

SAHAM FINANCES is foreign to any dispute that may arise between the order giver and the telecom operator, it is not responsible for a consequence of security breach of the terminal of the connection used by the donor of the order. " 


SAHAM FINANCES strives to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the content of this site; however, since the content has been compiled by SAHAM FINANCES from various sources, it is provided to you as is, depending on the available information. SAHAM FINANCE can not beheld liable to you or a third party for any errors or omissions of any kind affecting the content or elements related to this site; SAHAM FINANCES does not grant you or third parties any express or implicit guarantee of the content or elements linked to this site, and in particular no guarantee of non-infringement, of merchantability or of adaptation to a special end.

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If it constitutes a criminal offense or may give rise to civil liability, or if it incites the commission of acts that may constitute such an offense or may give rise to such proceedings;

If this information or these elements are protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights without the permission of the holder of these rights (this prohibition extends to elements derived from the above information or elements); or

If this constitutes a use of this site that is contrary to the lawor the Internet label or if it may adversely affect the use of this site or the Internet by other users, including the dissemination or transmission of information or software containing viruses or other disruptive elements.


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SAHAM FINANCE's privacy and security policyis an integral part of these terms and conditions.


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SAHAM FINANCES reserves the right to modify or delete, in whole or in part, any element of the content of this site, and this, at any time and without notice. 


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