Message from the CEO

saham refonte

SAHAM Finances has confirmed its financial solidity by realizing 1.2 billion dollars of 2018 consolidated turnover. But it is mainly an exercise in which we have taken a step forward in SAHAM Finances’ history...

In fact, the successful completion of Sanlam Group's acquisition of SAHAM Finances’ remaining 53.37%, which led its position in 34 countries, giving birth to the undisputed leader in insurance in Africa.

This strategic operation has enabled us to reach a new historical milestone of SAHAM Finances.

Ultimately, this transaction represents a significant potential for creating value for our clients and offers potential operational and commercial synergies for SAHAM Finances. This transaction will also benefit our collaborators as it will undeniably open up and create new opportunities for professional and personal development.

Also, this acquisition will capitalize on the common expertise and the combination of all the efforts to move to a new level in our ambitious corporate project. SAHAM Finances will consolidate its unfailing commitment with concrete operational excellence.

Our individual, professional and institutional clients, led by multinationals, will have the opportunity to access to a complete, diversified and innovative offer of insurance and services proposed by their new reference partner at the continental level.


CEO of SAHAM Finances

saham refonte

Sanlam, it is several collaborators who perpetuate for more than 100 years values which make the identity of the pioneering company in these different trades in the world.

Considering the various acquisitions made over the past two years, Sanlam currently has the largest pan-African financial services network covering 34 countries in Africa. Sanlam's business model is supported by a philosophy of alliances that positions it as the reference partner for multinationals' pan-African financial services.

Today, with the acquisition of SAHAM Finances, we are putting this subsidiary at the heart of our priorities. Thus, we have the ambition to introduce ourselves in an active way on the Moroccan market and to develop the business line in accordance with the related regulations.


CEO of Sanlam Emerging Markets