Products and services vary by country*

Allowing you to progress freely and to carry out your projects with confidence is SAHAM Assurance mandate. Our products are designed to protect you, your family and your property. They are designed to meet all the needs of individuals in terms of life insurance (pensions, savings ...) and non-life insurance (auto, home, leisure ...). Our commitment: to offer customized insurance solutions tailored to the needs of each client

* Because our customers' needs are different, our products and services also vary by country. Not all products and services listed are available in every branch and for every customer. Please contact your local SAHAM Assurance agent for more details on the products and services available in your country.
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  • Group Saham


    The simple and complete offer of SAHAM Assurance gives you the opportunity to freely compose your motor insurance contract.

    To protect you and better meet your needs, SAHAM Assurance brings you a tailor-made solution with a choice between 3 motor insurance packages and many additional options. (Advantage - Comfort - Freedom)

    To freely compose the solution that suits you, consult the Individuals section of the site that corresponds to your country.

  • Group Saham

    Home Insurance

    For the protection of your property and your family, SAHAM Assurance offers you the "Multirisk home insurance" with comprehensive and innovative guarantees to make your daily life easier.

    Whether you are a natural or legal person, owner or tenant our solution "Real estate multi-risk" assures you:

    -a guarantee of your goods against all the basic risks (theft, fire, breakage of ice ..)

    -protection for you and your family in the context of civil liability

  • Group Saham

    Health Insurance

    To enable you to effectively manage the costs of your care, SAHAM Assurance has designed for you a complete offer for optimal health coverage. SAHAM Assurance brings you the ideal solution to face the unforeseen of life, ensuring you a quality support and essential guarantees adapted to your needs

  • Group Saham


    At sea, hunting or outdoors, SAHAM Assurance ensures optimal coverage, allowing you to enjoy your leisure activities with confidence.