Products and services vary by country*

SAHAM Assurance strives on relieving clients from risks related to their business. Primarily intended for professionals (architects, lawyers, doctors ...) and very small enterprises (VSE), these SAHAM Assurance insuranproducts are developed in collaboration with business-specific experts. This approach helps meet all the needs of professionals, giving them the choice between property and casualty insurance products, specific liability packs or even tailor-made packages according to the characteristics of each activity

* Because our customers' needs are different, our products and services also vary by country. Not all products and services listed are available in every branch and for every customer. Please contact your local SAHAM Assurance agent for more details on the products and services available in your country.
Group saham
  • Group Saham


    The simple and complete offer of SAHAM Assurance gives you the opportunity to freely compose your motor insurance contract.

    To protect you and better meet your needs, SAHAM Assurance brings you a tailor-made solution with a choice between 3 motor insurance packages and many additional options. (Advantage - Comfort - Freedom)

  • Group Saham

    Professional Liability

    It covers the financial consequences of the RC incurred by the company as a result of damage caused to third parties in the course of its activities.

  • Group Saham

    Health Insurance

    SAHAM Assurance covers pharmaceutical and hospital medical expenses following an illness. The illness being defined as an alteration of the state of health duly established by a medical authority.